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Best class ever

Two quotation marks around student reviews of classes.

Whatever it is that makes them so special, some classes stay with you long after the semester ends, perhaps even for the rest of your life. VCU Information talked with four students about that one course that moved them in ways both big and small toward the person they are today.

Fashion’s big night

A man wearing a jumpsuit and shorts walking down a runway
(Photo by Allen Jones, University Marketing)

On a night of celebration and camaraderie, the School of the Arts Department of Fashion Design + Merchandising held its first in-person fashion event since 2019. The fashion show, #PROCESS2022, showcased the hard work, talent plus creativity associated with the department’s students.

A graduation to remember

Photographers were there to capture scenes from a host of events surrounding VCU’s May commencement – including the particular big event itself.

Cutting-edge research

A woman breathing into a tube in front of a screen with numbers on it. Another woman is standing next to her.
(Photo by Thomas Kojcsich, College Marketing. )

The year saw VCU researchers break new ground along with vital study on a wide range of issues. A sample of 2022’s revelatory brand new research results includes how the presence associated with negligent landlords can predict violence in Richmond neighborhoods ; a look at whether vaping can cause you to fail a sobriety test ; news that U. S. life expectancy continued to fall in 2021; how the new stable, magnetic superatom could power innovations inside nanomaterials ; why making sure workers have a good day gives companies a competitive advantage ; a new study using brain imaging that will helps explain why humans are aggressive toward rival groups ; and information that evangelical Christians were less likely to get COVID-19 vaccine after conversations with their faith leaders.

For VCU alum and 25, 000 others using her platform, meaningful connections start along with brunch

A woman wearing a yellow dress smiling

Melissa Mason’s business, Brown Skin Brunchin’, has helped thousands of minority women connect, personally plus professionally, within 71 cities across three countries. In this profile, she explained how it all began with a friendship forged on an elementary school playground.

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away …

Men wearing storm trooper uniforms with their hats off
(Photo courtesy Matt Wallin)

As Disney+ prepared in order to debut “ Light & Magic ” — the docuseries detailing the history of ILM — two VCU professors reflected on their own time at the company and the skills they developed that they now share with their students in the  visual effects minor .  

Scenes from Footprints on the James

Boats on the shore of a river. People are standing further down the river in front of a bridge

This summer, a dozen VCU students and one Reynolds Community College student spent five adventure-filled weeks traversing the James River via kayaks, batteau, canoes and rafts from Alleghany County to Jamestown. Taking part in the experiential Footprints on the James course, the college students learned about and gained an appreciation for the river’s natural history and biodiversity, its role in Virginia’s development plus how the historic and modern-day use impacts its quality, flora and fauna.

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