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The School of Communication is off to another successful year. Below are some of the awards and accomplishments associated with our students and faculty. It’s no surprise that we are called “The School of Success”

If you have interests in the career fields of being a Content Writer, News Producer/Editor, Social Media Planner, Public Relations Specialist, Corporate Communications Director, Product Marketing Manager, Television Production Coordinator, Radio Host/Reporter, or a Journalism Professor/Educator.

Our nationally ranked MavForensics have competed in the first few tournaments of the season plus continue their winning tradition with individual champions crowned and top five finishes.

Keith Allen, Program of Oral Interpretation, Champion!
Trinity Weers, Impromptu Speaking, Champ!
Dylan Harris, After Dinner Speaking – 5th/TOP NOVICE
Diego Orellana, Extemporaneous, 7th/TOP NOVICE
Kadance McDonnell, After Dinner Speaking, 4th
Trinity Weers, Extemporaneous, 6th
Kadance McDonnell, Impromptu Speaking, 6th
Brooklynn Schmidt, Impromptu Talking, 4th
Abbie Faris, Program associated with Oral Interpretation, 4th
Veronica Peck, Program of Oral Meaning, 5th

Asynchronous Half Sunflower Speech in Manhatten Kansas
Trinity Weers, Impromptu CHAMPION
Abigail Faris, Prose, 3rd
Kadance McDonnell, Dramatic Interp, 5th

Kansas State Lynne Ross Invitational

Keith Allen, Program associated with Oral Interp, CHAMPION

Trinity Weers, Improvised, CHAMPION

Trinity Weers, System of Dental Interp, 3rd

Trinity Weers, Extemporaneous Communicating, 6th

Abigail Faris, Writing, 3rd

Keira Miller, Dramatic Interpretation, 4th

Veronica Peck, Program of Oral Model, 4th

Kadance McDonnell, Right after Dinner Speaking, 5th

Kadance McDonnell, Spectacular Interpretation, 5th

TEAM 2nd place!

OATS tournament

Riley Smith, Plan Oral Presentation, 3rd

Keith Allen, Program Oral Decryption, 6th

Other Awards, Accolades, Accomplishments, Articles, Publications & More

Andrea M Weare was elected to the particular leadership team of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s (AEJMC) Commission on the Status of Women for 2022-2023

Gent, W. Not within My Back Yard: Democratic Rhetorics in Spatial Gatekeeping. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies

Gent, Watts. & Loehwing, M. The Public Screen as Contextual Field: Visibility and Agency in U. S. Films about Homelessness. Quarterly Journal associated with Speech

Julie L. Masters, Paige W. Toller & Lauren O’Leary: Intergenerational conversations upon death plus dying during the COVID-19 pandemic: A pedagogical approach, Gerontology & Geriatrics Education

Dr. Jeremy Lipschultz was an AEJMC News Engagement Day panelist on Twitter October 4

Dr. Lei Guo is presenting “A Computational Text Analysis from the Public Attitude Regarding the #VeryAsian movement on Twitter” at the National Communication Association, November.

Dr. Sharon Storch is presenting “Training and Development Perspectives: Graduate Students in Dual-Listed Courses” at the Nationwide Communication Organization, November.

Cameron Logsdon plus Abbie Syrek is showing “Integrating Well-Being Into the particular Basic Course: Making Personal, Academic, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being A Part of Basic Program Curriculum, Design, and Practice” in the National Communication Association, November.

Doctor. Whitney Gent is presenting “Intersectionality as Unsolvability” in the National Communication Organization Convention, November 2022, New Orleans, LA

Dr . Lisa German is delivering “PLACING Research Ethics and Care within Communication: A Discussion Regarding Qualitative Approaches to Our Multicultural Communities” from the Country wide Communication Association, November.

Doctor Ana Cruz has the following presentations on the Nationwide Communication Organization, November:
Facing Motherhood Stressors: Using Subreddit r/breaking mom while a PLACE for Social Support Latinx Faculty: Finding our PLACE in Predominantly White Institutions

Dr. Cheryl Maiorca is offering a paper entitled “Image Repair within a Social Movement: Oklahoma Teachers and their Narratives about the 2018 Walkout” at the particular National Conversation Association, Nov.

Amy Ellefson is showcasing a papers entitled “Nebraska Nice: Maintaining Cultural Hegemony During a Global Pandemic” plus participating in a mentorship and community building round-table session with the International and Intercultural Division of the National Communication Association.

Doctor. Nicky Bi has the following presentations with the National Communication Association, November:

– Product Type Matters: The Effects of Wishful Identification and Parasocial Relationship with Social Press Influencers on Purchase Intentions and Secondary Product Endorsements. Applied Conversation Division, Nationwide Communication Organization (NCA) 108th Annual Conference, New Orleans

— “This brand is #Cancelled”: Exploring Crisis Communication in the Age of Cancel Culture and Influencer Marketing. Public Relations Division, National Communication Association (NCA) 108th Annual Meeting, New Orleans

Dr. Nicky Bi published the using:

“I Will Buy What My ‘Friend’ Recommends”: The particular Effects associated with Parasocial Relationships with YouTube Influencers, Changer Credibility, plus Self-Esteem upon Purchase Purposes. Journal of Research in Interactive Advertising

Do Zoom meetings really help? A Comparative Analysis associated with Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

Dr . Joy Chao has the following presentations with the National Communication Association, The fall of:
– Place for Digital Feminism: A Case Study associated with Social Mass media and Gender Equity Discourse
: Place for Balancing Academic Mothers plus Academic Scholars
– The Impact of the Social Media on Coronaracism
– Honoring PLACE and Creating Space for Mentorship and Community-Building in the particular International plus Intercultural Conversation Division
– Mentoring, Networking, and Building Community as Asian/Pacific American College students

Doctor Joy Chao plus Dr . Ming Xie are guest editors for a special issue of Communication and the Public entitled “The Platformation plus Transformation associated with the Electronic Public Sphere. ”

Doctor Joy Chao published “The Interplay of Subjective Wellbeing, Social Support, and Interpersonal Media Use by Asian International Students” in the Journal associated with Intercultural Communication

Dr. Heather Hundley presented Curricular Mapping like part of the Chairs/Director’s September Professional Development.

Jasmine Scott successfully defended her thesis and graduated. Her thesis is titled: “The NFL inside Black plus White: The Rhetorical Look at the NFL’s Response to Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 Nationwide Anthem Protests. ” Dr . Barb Pickering served because Chair and Drs. Adam Tyma plus Dan Hawkins (Sociology) were committee members.

Natasha McAllister successfully defended her thesis and graduated. Her thesis is titled: “Enhancing the particular adoptive parent-child relationship through communication: Training seminar for parents. ” Doctor Paige Tollerserved as Chair and Dr . Barb Pickering was the committee member.

Doctor Heather Hundley presented on a panel as part of UNO’s Onboarding System for new Chairs and Directors sponsored by the Center for Teachers Excellence, August

Jodeane Brownlee created a Nebraska Hall of Fame video with regard to Neil Nelkin’s induction. It was featured at the NBA banquet in August.

Undergraduates received the following awards within the Nebraska Broadcasters Organization Pinnacle Banquet that kicks off in august:

Cody Harms – TV, Best Sports “Eddie Rosario is a Jack of All Trades”
Avarie Howard – Radio, Best Sports News Story “Westdie Football Player Tackles Stereotype”
Ben Goeser – Radio, Best PSA “Durango”
Ana Bellinghausen, Avarie Howard, Addison Parr, Pauline Dulang, Crystal Kwaw, Kaylea Kuhlman, Maria Consbruck, and Stephanie Veloso – TV, Greatest Promo “Women’s History Month”

Dr . Roma Subramanian Cultivating student musician professionalism, empathy, and artist citizenship via a Music and Medicine program. Music and Medication . Accepted.

Doctor Roma Subramanian’s interdisciplinary study funded simply by last year’s MH summer seed grant, “How Psychological Illness Iconography Influences Anti-Stigma Responses: A Focus on Image Realism” is receiving a top paper award at AEJMC.

Dr . Roma Subramanian served as a consultant/subject matter expert with Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) on how to use social media regarding making the particular DCHD website more visible.

Doctor Roma Subramanian was invited to give an online ‘Expert Talk’ on stigma and health communication as part of the blended learning program called ‘Professional Certificate within Hospital Management’ hosted by IIMBx, the digital learning initiative associated with IIM-Bangalore, India.

Doctor. Roma Subramanian invited in order to give talk on research project called “STEAM in the particular City” (STEAM = STEM + Arts) Art, mental illness, & stigma: Why pictures matter?

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